Everyone is welcome

We want all children to be able to participate in De Betovering, and that includes those for whom moving, sitting still, hearing, seeing or processing stimuli is not so straightforward. See here what we will be doing for this coming edition to make everyone feel welcome.


Share your ideas

What else could we do? Share your ideas and suggestions with everyonewelcome@debetovering.nl for an even more accessible festival!


How accessible are the locations?

Many locations have been adapted to suit children with a disability. Under our ‘programme’ button in the menu, each performance/workshop is marked to indicate which facilities a location offers, such as:

  • wheelchair toilets
  • tactile paving
  • facilities for service dogs

If you need to use facilities such as a hearing loop or a special seat, please let us know when you book your ticket.


An auditive impairment or non-Dutch-speaking?

Our programme menu button will include a button Language no problem. This will include performances that are easy to follow visually and in which spoken word is not so important, for example object theatre, projections, dance or circus. 


A number of locations offer a hearing loop or special seating for people with an auditive impairment. If you want to use these, please let us know when you book. You can also discuss the possibilities of a signer with us.


A mental disability

If calm, space and good 1-on-1 guidance can help you participate in a workshop, then have a look at KOO’s music workshops especially organised for this purpose. Also for Non-Dutch speaking children. If you don’t need this, you’re of course more than welcome to attend any of the other workshops.


A visual impairment

If you would like to make use of special seating at the front to help you see the performance, please let us know when you book.


Sensitive to stimuli

Are you sensitive to processing stimuli? Come see a ‘relax performance’. These are versions of the shows in our programme whereby we leave the lights in the auditorium lit (dimly), strobes and lighting effects have been removed and loud bangs quieted down. You can leave the auditorium at any time and find a quiet spot. If you want, you can use (noise cancelling) headphones, which you can also bring into the auditorium. A low-stimuli area has been created; a calm space to retreat from the hustle and bustle; before, during or after a performance. Ask after it at the ticket desk when you arrive. Here you can also borrow a Betovering set of headphones that dampens sounds. These performances are also suitable for children with specific types of autism or AD(H)D.


TIP: if you’re not fond of surprises, you can prepare your visit in advance with a useful photo booklet of the location and by watching videos of what it means to visit the theatre.


For all of your questions, personal advice, sharing your good ideas and specific wishes you can contact Ellen Geertse.