About the festival

Festival De Betovering 2024

During the autumn break from Friday 25th October until Saturday 2nd November 2024, the city of Hague will be enchanted again. Children up to 12 years can visit theatre or danceshows or try their hand in one of the numerous workshops. 


Best autumn holidaybreak of the Netherlands

De Betovering is a cultural festivity, where children are challenged, laugh themselves silly, are moved and surprised, sit on the edge of their seats, outdo themselves and become inspired. A place where their imaginations run free!

Check out the programme and enjoy the best national and international performances or get stuck into one of the fun workshops on offer in nearly every theatre, museum and library, and even in the streets of The Hague.


Hearing-impaired or non-Dutch-speaking (Language No Problem)!

Our Language no problem-programme offers performances that are visually entertaining and that are not so dependent on spoken word, like shows with a lot of dance or circus. These are suitable for children who speak a different language or are hearing-impaired. 


Accessible to all children

Is your child easily overwhelmed or do they have trouble processing stimuli? Attend one of our relax performances and use the low-stimuli zones.  Do you lack space financially? Ooievaarspas holders get a 50% discount, and some elements of the programme are free of charge. Many locations are accessible for children with a disability, offering disabled toilets, tactiles and guide-dog facilities.

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