Organization festival 2024

... the festival is organized by:

  • core team: Fleur van Rijn, Suzanne Prosman (program & allround) en Miriam Duiker (director)
    • Ellen Geertse (Culturele Spelen en inclusion)
    • Sanne Bakker en Fien de Leeuw (marketing and communicatie)
    • Malou Visser (social media)
    • Gosling Cools (website Betovering)
    • Eindeloos (graphic design)

... supervised by Stichting de Betovering:

  • Anouk Kamps (chairwoman)
  • Michiel Hendrix (treasurer)
  • Latifa Dardou
  • Maurice Haak
  • Fouzia Outmany
  • Anja Overhoff

...made possible with financial support from:

  • Gemeente Den Haag
  • Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • Fonds 1818


  • all our volunteers
  • our colleagues from the venues, museums, other partcipating locations, all the companies and (workshop) teachers
  • Haag Wonen
  • Staedion
  • anyone who helps in any way to make the festival a success!