Build your own dream-theatre

kijkdoos voorbeeld


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What does your dream theater look like? Is it a castle full of glitter, a haunted house full of villains or a fairy tale of 1001 nights? Get started at home, at after-school care or at school. Build your own Theater of Enchantment! Let your imagination run wild and find the coolest things to use. You can get started right away with the cutting sheet from the program! Do you want more downloads or draw yourself? Then scroll down.

What do you need?
an old (shoe) box
cut out sheet from the brochure or download here and print on sturdy paper.
scissors, glue and tape
needle and thread
Nice extras:

colored pencils, markers or paint
colored (crepe) paper to decorate the inside of the box
glitter, beads, stones, fabrics and all kinds of other beautiful things
Christmas lights for real lights
How do you build the theater?
Think about what kind of theater you are going to make. Everything is possible, nothing is too crazy!
Gather all the supplies you need.
Place a (shoe) box on its side, it is useful if there is a long flap.
Cut out the figures and fold on the dotted lines. To place the dolls, you can fold an extra triangle or stick a stick behind the doll.
Build your own theater and decorate with beautiful things to make it your own theater.
How can you win?
Unfortunately the competition has ended!