Each year we invite a couple of international companies to play at the festival. We get a lot of applications (every day!), so the chances are low. And the amount makes that we have even given up responding to all the applicators. That became undo-able. But I can assure you that all the information that is sent to us is being looked at seriously.

So, if you think that you've got something really really special, that definitively should be seen in other countries, then of course we are interested in your information.


January of February is the best time to send us information. 

Please mail your information to: applications@debetovering.nl.


We are interested in:

  • visual (trailer/full registrations / photo's) and textual information about the performance.
  • if the performance is without words or verbal (and played in which language(s))
  • references (f.e. other international festivals where you have been invited before, good press-reviews etc)
  • practical information like the target age-group, and, if so, a maximum of audience allowed.
  • technical specifications (square meters venue, time needed to build up/break down etc.)
  • financial conditions (also if you have funding that pays for the travel/freight/per-diems etc.)