Visually or hearing-impaired or do you have another disability? Or do you struggle to process stimuli? All children are welcome at Festival de Betovering because we want everyone to be able to join.

See below what we’re already doing in terms of accessibility.



Many locations have adjustments for children with a disability. Each program item states which adjustments the location offers, such as:

  • disabled toilets
  • tactiles
  • facilities for assistance dogs

If you want to make use of facilities such as an induction loop or special seat, please indicate this upon booking.


Hearing-impaired or non-Dutch-speaking

The NDR No Dutch Required programme offers performances that are visually entertaining and that are not so dependent on spoken word, like shows with a lot of dance or circus. Many of the workshops are also fun to do and easy to follow, if you bring along your own interpreter. If a group of hearing-impaired people want to visit a specific performance, you can discuss the possibility of us providing a sign interpreter for that performance with our Coordinator Especially Welcome Audience, Chantal Hompe.



Would you like to go to the theater, but is your child easily overstimulated? You are very welcome to come to our adapted ‘relax performances’. Lighting effects, strobe light and loud sounds dimmed or removed. The house lights are also left on a dimmed setting, so that it is not completely dark. If a child wants to leave the auditorium during the performance, that’s no problem. These performances are also suitable for children with certain types of autism or AD(H)D.


Low-stimulus zones

Quiet spots where your child can withdraw from all the hustle and bustle, if they are sensitive to stimuli? Yes! For each edition we reassess the locations of these zones. So keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and news.


Photo booklet of the location for preparation

Is it important to you to know what to expect?
There are special photo booklets with photos of the location, ticket desk, cloakroom and auditorium, to help you properly prepare your visit. The following locations already have a photo booklet:

Have a look at the 'Welkom in het theater' video by Kunstgebouw together, or for the little ones, see 'Theater kijken, zo doe je dat' by youth theatre organisation Het Laagland. This is a playful way of getting to know the behavioural codes of the theatre.


Coordinator Especially Welcome Audience

For questions, personal advice, sharing your great ideas and specific wishes concerning accessibility, contact our Coordinator Especially Welcome Audience, Chantal Hompe.