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Age 4+ years
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Yuto & the Tree

Cézanne Tegelberg & company
Puppet theater

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Yuto & the Tree. After award-winning book I Give you My Heart. Explore your way through a moving labyrinth with stunning puppets, shadows and art work. Put on your headphones and let yourself be drawn into the story of an extraordinary friendship between a boy and a tree.


Little Yuto is given a wooden box by an old man. "This box contains all you'll ever need", he says. But the box won't open. Before his 7th birthday, Yuto dreams of the old man. When he wakes the box is open. In it lies a seed. A tale about listening with your heart and never being truly alone. About growing up and growing old, and about knowing when the time has come to go.


“a highly imaginative fairy tale world” - Theaterkrant

“a heat-conquering experience” - DH Centraal


Good to know: 

*available in 6 languages: Dutch, English, French, Polish, Turkish and Portuguese).

*children attend a show accompanied by an adult. The adult must also purchase an entrance ticket.


What about special needs? 

  • The performance is wheelchair accessible
  • This show in a small relaxt setting is suitable for children that are easily overstimulated.
  • Because its' not so dependent on spoken word it's also suitable for the hearing-impaired.  If you're hard of hearing or deaf,  it's worth reading the story before you go in, so you get the idea (we have the book at the entrance). But there's loads to see once you're inside!
  • You're very close to the action so if you don't see very well you can still enjoy it (so our visually impaired audience tells us). If you're completely blind, however, it may not be as much fun.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions: