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Age 9+
€ 7,50

Workshop: Build your own Hologram

Kunstmuseum, Omniversum, Museon
Workshop beeldend K.O.M.

A hologram is an image that we mix with the real world. An image is projected on a transparent surface, which we then see as if it were real. During this workshop you will make a hologram yourself using your phone and a piece of sturdy plastic. You make a drawing that you can then convert from 2D to 3D. This way you discover how the technology behind a hologram works.

Became curious? Register for the workshop and build your own hologram.


This workshop is part of the Truly enchanted! programme. For the price of €7,50 one adult and three children can participate in the workshop. 


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Tip: combineer deze workshop met een workshop in Museon, Kunstmuseum of met een bezoek aan het Omniversum.
Ouders en begeleiders mogen blijven én misschien zelfs meedoen.