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Visual workshop: Kitchen graphics

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Etching seems very complicated, but it can be very simple! With things you have in the kitchen you can make just as beautiful etchings as Rembrandt! All we need is an old milk carton, a needle, some ink and a pasta press. And some inspiration of course..

In the kitchen graphics workshop you first get a lesson about etching and shading. Then you make a beautiful drawing with a needle in the cardboard of a milk carton. Just rub with ink, run through the pasta machine and your etching is ready! Are you also coming to etch milk cartons with the pasta press?


TIP: Wear old clothes that can get dirty.


ALERT: reservation is required.


Parents and supervisors can come and see for the last 5 minutes or pick up the children afterwards.

Tip: trek oude kleding aan die vies mag worden.
Alert: reserveren is verplicht.
Ouders en begeleiders mogen de laatste 5 minuten komen kijken of de kinderen na afloop weer ophalen.