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The story of Anders

Danstheater Aya

Dance theatre about (unwritten) rules and about having to change the way you look at things.


Once upon a time there was a boy in a place not far from here. Anders was his name. His best friend was called Ike. Anders and Ike were inseparable friends and could take on the world together. They fit. Like two pieces of a puzzle. Was it because they thought the same? Walked the same? Laughed at the same things?

They had sworn to stay together forever. Because anything is possible in fairytales. A frog changing into a prince, a princess who tames dragons… even two princes marrying. Or so Ike thought, anyway. His feelings were so intense that he started to feel stranger and stranger whenever he was around Anders. But Anders felt something different. Especially once Salina moved into their street.


Good to know: children attend a show accompanied by an adult. The adult must also purchase an entrance ticket.