Outdoor: Spuiplein "Taste The Enchantment" - Compagnie Krak
Outdoor: Spuiplein "Taste The Enchantment" - Superhallo

Outdoor: Spuiplein "Taste The Enchantment" 3+

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Come to the street theater festival on Spuiplein. You will be short of hands, legs, ears, eyes, noses (and especially mouths!). You will not soon forget this total experience. At the end of the day you come to your senses; Was it all real or did I dream. In any case, it tastes like more!


Regular visitors will already know him: the installation Knol d'Amour by Superhallo in which the potato plays the leading role. Let yourself be tempted by peeling a potato yourself and giving it to De Knol. Then an imaginative adventure begins in image, sound, smell and taste. You follow your potato past dioramas, ingenious machines and a laboratory, culminating in seeing your own potato again. An intense, deep-seated desire blossoms. This is only love at first sight!



Come and watch the show B EAT - the sizzling food mix, by Iwan Dam. A unique performance where all the sounds of cooking are mixed into a fat beat. Is there music in endive? Is spinach really as well-voiced as everyone says? Sounds such as the sharpening of knives, cutting, chopping and the hissing in the pan are recorded, manipulated and processed immediately. And these sounds are made for a reason. It's all about preparing and cooking a falafel. Served on a black plate, this dish is placed on a pick-up like a vinyl record. Who will be the first to taste and determine whether the performance was successful or not?


And this is just a taste... come to Spuiplein for the main course!


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Parents and supervisors are welcome to come and have a look.


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