Each year during the Autumn Break the international children’s art festival ‘De Betovering’ (The Enchantment) takes place in The Hague. From the 17th to the 26th of October 2014, children between the ages of 2 and 12 years will be treated to some 350 performances and workshops at 48 different locations. Your can read the press release of this year's edition under 'Pers & foto's - persberichten'.



The most enchanting children’s performances of both Dutch and international origin, will be brought to The Hague for ten days of dazzling culture. Performances include theatre shows as well as dance, music and film. Professional artists will guide workshops where children can try their hand at dance, music, filmmaking, painting, fashion, theatre and much more. Festival De Betovering is the result of a unique cooperation between a number of cultural organisations in The Hague.

icon voorstelling30x30 = Performances (things to see)

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A number of performances, the daily rolling programme in our Festival centre (indoors & outdoors), all the danceworkshops and most of the visual arts workshops are suitable for non Dutch-speaking children. Please take note of the NDR (No Dutch Required)-logos in the shape of small globes! You can view the full festival programme (=  'programma' in Dutch) of 2014 on this website.  Additional information in English is available on the programme items with a NDR logo.



  • Many performances sell out quickly so you need to be fast with your booking.
  • Children shoiuld be accompanied by an adult (unless otherwise stated). Both child and guardian will require entry tickets.
  • The ticket of a show does not provide automatic access to an associated workshop. Please reserve separately for all workshops. In most cases, the workshops are for children (parents can pick up their children afterwards) so you will only need to reserve a place for the child(ren).
  • Please take note of the minimum age of a show or workshop. We don't allow access to children that are too young.
  • The ticket price for the majority of the performances and workshops is € 6.00.
  • Please take note that the clocks will be changed back one hour in the night between the 25th and 26th of October.


See our English Flyer!


NDR programme 2014:


Festivalcentre: TapaZOO (indoors) & Animal Allée (outdoors)

2 - 99 years (11.00 am–17.00 pm)
SAT. 18th – SUN. 26th OCT.
Theater aan het Spui - Rabbijn Maarsenplein – Grote Markt
A daily rolling programme (indoors & outdoors). Workshops, street theatre, short shows & refreshments.
Free entry / Individual activities can be paid for with special coins, available for purchase in the festival centre for €2.00 each.


The Hague's kids want their zoo back! There was once an actual zoo in The Hague - with elephants, lions, camels, tigers, llamas, zebras and even a live sea lion show – until a route had to be made for troops during a war and the zoo was closed down. "A big town like The Hague just has to have a zoo!" as stated by the children who took part in the 2013 brainstorm, arranged by the organisation, to pool ideas for this year's festival. After having built their own city, Tapatoo during past editions of the festival, this year they're all revved up for TapaZOO! Tapazoo will not only be founded and built during the festival in Theater aan het Spui (the heart of the festival), but will extend outside along the special TapatZOO route: from the Spui to the Grote Markt: The Animal Allée! 


TapaZOO inside Theater aan het Spui offers all kinds of activities:
• Think up your own fantasy animal like a elephonkey or giraphin and bring it to life
• Create the sound of your fantasy animal
• Make your own stuffed animal
• Become an animal yourself and fashion your own tail, ears, nose or paws
• Turn your hand into a flamingo with make-up
• Craft an animal mask
• Bring an old stuffed toy, add it to The Centipede and help us break a record: the world's biggest stuffed animal ever!


Animal Allée, a wondrous path between Theater aan het Spui and De Grote Markt:

• Workshop Music bonbon - a special sweetie on a string that makes you hear animal sounds) – Spui Square
• Workshop Build a giant mobile animal - Rabbijn Maarsenplein (8 years and up)
• Workshop Make and display your own wacky flying animal - Rootz Grote Markstraat (6 years and up)
• Short show Bellevue for parents - Grote Markt
• Enjoy a special Betovering menu at De Boterwaag (Grote Markt) or Little V (Rabbijn Maarsenplein)
• Various street theatre performances. Look out for the Mini-carousel, Jochen the Elephant, dancing caterpillars and a pair of giant grasshoppers out on a shopping trip!


English show

  • Mavis Sparkle - M6 theatre Company (UK)  (5  -10 years)
  • Visual Art Workshop Mavis Sparkle - ART-S-COOL  (5 -10  years)


Circus (theatre)

  • M2 - Cie Ea Eo (BE) - 7 years and up
  • De man die zijn knopen verloor (The man who lost his buttons) - Circ Panic (ES) - 4 years and up


Theatre shows & workshops:

  • Papirus (Papyrus) - Xirriquiteula Teatre (ES) - (5 -10 years)
  • Visual Art Workshop Papirus - ART-S-COOL (in Laaktheater on tuesday) - (5 -10 years)
  • Adios - Houten Huis/Speeltheater Holland (NL) - (8 years and up)
  • TUTU - Lichtbende (NL) - (4 -12 years)
  • Meer dan Beer (more than bear) - (3-12 years)
  • Kish-Kush - Teatrodistinto (IT) - (4 -10 years)
  • Meneer Molsk (Mister Molsk)  -  Etienne Borgers (NL) -  (5 -10 years)
  • Visual Art workshop Meneer Molsk - ART-S-COOl (in theater de vaillant on Wednesday and in Diamant Theater on Thursday) - (5 -10  years)
  • Blok (Blocks) - Teater3 (SE) -  (3 -6 years)


Dance shows & workshops

  • Rauw (Raw) - KabinetK (BE) - 8 years and up
  • Workshop Rauw - Holland Dance (after the first show at 15.00 pm) - (8 -12 years)
  • HiHaHuttenBouwers (HehoHutBuilders) -  De Stilte (NL) - (2 - 5 years)
  • Eiland (Island) - Danstheater Adentro - (6 years and up)
  • Marmelade (Marmalade) -  Claire Parsons CO. - (2 -5 years)
  • Ondersteboven (upside Down) - Dansmakers (NL) - (2 -5 years)
  • Workshop dance DansTour (DanceTour) - Nederlands Danstheater & Holland Dance - ( two age groups: 7- 9 years and 9 -11 years)
  • Workshop dance Mooov & Groove - New Dance Center - (9 years and up)
  • Workshop dance Sjaaltjesdans (dance workshop for toddlers) - Little Doll Dance Company - (2 -5 years) 


Music (theatre) / concert & workshops:

  • Rondje Wereldorkest (Around the World Orchestra) - Ensemble Residentie Orkest (NL) -  (7-12 years)
  • Workshop (Djembé) Rondje Wereld Orkest - Jens Meijers (after the first show at 10.00 am) - (7 -12 years)
  • Koffieconcert? Limonadeconcert! (Lemonade Concert) - Koninklijk Conservatorium (NL) -  (4 -12 years)
  • Concertje op schoot (Concert for toddlers) - MEMO - (2 -5  years)


You can follow the following Visual Art workshops seperately (not in combination with a show)

  • Workshop Affiche maken - Heden  (4 -12 years)
  • Workshop De Beeldengalerij - Stroom  ( -12 years)
  • Workshop Het Kinder Identiteits Archief  - Stroom (9-12 years)
  • Workshop Japanse Vliegers maken - Stroom (9-12 years)
  • Workshop Knutselen met zeedieren - Muzee Scheveningen (4-12 years)
  • Workshop Vogeltatoeage maken - Museum Meermanno (two age groups: 5 - 7 years and 8 -12 years)
  • Workshop Miniboekje - Grafische werkplaats ( 7-12 years)


Trial lesson (proefles) Choose your instrument (in Koorenhuis):

MON. 20th and TUE. 21st  


4-7 years:

09.30 am Rythm4Kids

11.00 am Harp4Kids
12.30 pm Cello4Kids
14.00 pm Song4Kids
15.30 pm Violin4Kids 


8-12 years:

09.30 uur Harp4You
11.00 uur Clarinet4You
12.30 uur Song4You
14.00 uur Cello4You
15.30 uur Bass4You
17.00 uur Violin4You




In September 2015, the full programme of the next Enchantment will be published on this website. If you want to te be the first to know, feel free to leave your name and email address in the yellow box on the right side of this page and we will notify you per email when the 2015 programme is online.



There is so much more to be discovered in The Hague, check the websites and Tripadvisor.